November 2021 – President Letter

Dear Members and Students,

So far this year, we have been fortunate to have two wonderful speakers who touched base on safety issues that we encounter in the safety profession.  In September, we had Mr. Joe Liberti from Cintas who spoke on the revisions to the NFPA 70E, and in October we had Mr. Jim Jaracz, an independent consultant who spoke on the elements of a written fire prevention and emergency action plans and how to incorporate emergency planning within your business.  The Greater Calumet Chapter would like to thank both of them for sharing their knowledge and expertise with our chapter.

Our next technical meeting is scheduled for November 11, 2021 where our guest speaker Mr. Pete Engelbert will be presenting “Investigating Tips and Tricks.”  Most of us know the basics of investigations. The literature is replete with standardized questions and forms. But do we know how to conduct an investigation that is rock solid and will stand up in court as definitive? In this presentation, we will look at scientific method and how it applies to investigations.  The use of evidence gathering and preservation will be explored.  The value of correct sequencing and photography skills will be highlighted. Pete will pass on over 33 years of tips and tricks on how to build an airtight conclusion to unplanned event that occur on a jobsite. Pete Engelbert holds multiple degrees including criminalistics, biology, geology and mathematics as well as soft sciences.  As well as being a member of ANSI Z9 Ventilation, Pete is also on the ASTM E34 committee on Safety and numerous other standards under ASTM, ANSI, NACE, SSPC and ISO work groups.  A past Secretary of our Chapter, he is also on several ASSP practice specialties including the Asst. Admin. of the IH Practice Specialty. Pete has conduct investigations of personnel accidents, fatalities and engineering failures around the globe and taught investigation to OSHA departments in India and Tanzania.

Our meeting will be held at Purdue University Northwest Student Union Library Building in Room SULB 321.  We will start with a hot breakfast and registration at 7AM, and at 7:30AM we will begin our meeting with welcoming everyone, providing any announcements, and lead into introducing our guest speaker.  For those who choose to attend virtually, please click on the link to attend.  We hope that everyone’s schedule will allow you to attend either in person or virtually.  Please save the date!  We look forward to seeing everyone.

As mentioned in the last “Presidents Letter,” the Greater Calumet Board will be completing their second year of their two-year term. At the end of this year, the chapter will be holding an election for new board members. If anyone is interested in a position on the board, please let one of us know, and we will be happy to provide the details of the commitment involved. A Nominating and Elections Committee and Chair will be determined and opened board positions will be made available to everyone.  If a board position does not work and you would still like to assist the chapter in a volunteer capacity, please see one of the board members, and we will be happy to let you know how you can assist.

The Greater Calumet Chapter would like to welcome some new members to our Chapter:  Mr. Bob Zalud, Mr. Brian Gereg, Mr. Carlos Vazquez, Mr. Christopher Evers, Ms. Dorothy Farris, and Mr. Rob Marotta.  We look forward to meeting each of you in the near future. 

We hope to see each of you at our November meeting, whether it is in person or virtually. We hope that everyone stays healthy and safe. 

Again, mark your calendar for November 11, 2021 at 7AM for our upcoming technical meeting!

Sincerely, Michele M. Crider
President of the Greater Calumet Chapter